"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to live the width of it as well."
Diane Ackerman​

I spent 28 years living how I thought society wanted me to live. 

I conformed, people pleased and followed a path that others suggested to me. 

Loss gave me the space to look inside myself.

I found my power. I discovered what was important to me.

I used my newfound strength to sculpt the life I wanted to live. 

Do have a dream that you're here to do more, to live more, to feel more?

I help people whose daily reality has become automated and empty,
end the cycles of self-sabotage and numbing
so they can wake each day with the energy to lead a full life.

What working with me is not...


It is not about me making any judgements on anything you say.

It is not about me giving you any advice or suggestions.

It is not a dive into your past or a look at psychological issues or serious addictions.

What happens when we work together ...

You discover how to end the repetitive cycles and sabotaging behaviour. 

You find your strength and use it to sculpt your happiness. 

You discover you have the control and power over your life.  


" The sessions with Colette have allowed me to look at my professional and personal habits in a way that I haven’t previously found possible.

It has been eye-opening to find through Colette's sessions that an objective view can bring a realisation of what is helping and hindering my progress towards my goals, often in a surprising way that challenges preconceptions I had.

Even in these early sessions, I have become more aware of an internal dialogue that is going on and ways to try and shift that from the negative to the positive which is already helping with avoiding procrastination, lack of focus and similar issues I struggle with."

Artist and Musician

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Energised, focused, fascinated and fascinating, curious ... this is how you will describe yourself after 12 weeks with me. 

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My own self-development journey started in my late 20's. My childhood was an environment where emotions were not a priority, I spent my 20's and most of my 30's prioritising other people and neglecting my own needs. Both of my parents had passed away by my mid-30s. I thought resilience and strength were pushing through situations, carrying on, my mantra was 'time doesn't stop so neither do I'. 

I reached a point where I finally saw the self-sabotage. I was hiding by the claim that I was truly living as I was saying yes to everything. I started to slow down, to question my actions. To look at the path I was following and whether I was going to be the person I wanted to meet at the end. 

I developed my resilience and refocused my motivation, looking at a lifestyle right for me, not the version that was deemed correct because of who other people. 

Physically, I've taken on marathons, triathlons, rugby pitches, 24-hour runs. Mentally, I've pushed myself to keep looking deeper. I have repeated lived experience that change brings variety and resilience and that it's never too late to do what you want.