If you were 10 years younger, what would you change? 

I spent 28 years living how I thought society wanted me to live. 

I conformed, people pleased and followed the path that others told me to get on. 

Traumatic events gave me the emotional clarity to take a look inside myself.

I learned that I have the power and creativity to live the life I feel I am destined for. 

I want to help you harness this strength and power within yourself to give you the life you know you deserve. 

What coaching is not...


It is not about me making any judgements on our conversations.

It is not about me giving you any advice or suggestions.

It is not a dive into your past or a look at psychological issues or serious addictions.

What coaching is ...

Helping you see your world differently, so that you can make the change you desire.

Self-discovery of the things that energise you.

Accountability to the actions that you create.  


How does this happen? 


You will do the majority of the talking. I will ask questions, sometimes uncomfortable ones, which will help uncover a way forward that only you can find.



My own self-development journey started in my late 20's. I grew up in an environment where emotions were not a priority, and I spent my 20's and most of my 30's prioritising other people and neglecting my own needs. My parents had both passed away by my 30's, the grief from this culminated in the realisation that I wanted to work on my emotional wellbeing.  


Being coached created the space to look into myself and realise that I held all the tools I needed to flourish. I'd spent time reading and writing and reached a point where I needed something else. Talking out loud with my coach and the questions they asked created the deep work for me to realise and remove my cycle of self-sabotage and give myself a solid foundation to thrive in the future. 

Training to be a coach enabled me to go deeper into my self-awareness. I've had several moments of development whilst being coached by trainees. I know the questions, but when they're asked in a conversational way, the ideas that I've generated would never have been found with just me, a pen and paper. 


I relish a physical challenge and enjoy fundraising. I played rugby for 20 years, 10 of these at one of the best clubs in the UK, I have completed a couple of marathons, quite a few centenary cycles, 2 of the UK's toughest triathlons and a couple of civilian SAS test march routes.

Each challenge in my life has given me a new insight into myself and the ability to push beyond and find the motivation to dig deeper and go further.  

I have used the learnings from my life experiences to create resilience and strengthened what was once weak self-esteem. Coaching did this for me.

This is why I want to work with you. You are so powerful and can do anything you want, sometimes we just need someone to chat to who will ask a question that will unleash that way forward.  

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" The sessions with Colette have allowed me to look at my professional and personal habits in a way that I haven’t previously found possible.

It has been eye-opening to find through Colette's sessions that an objective view can bring a realisation of what is helping and hindering my progress towards my goals, often in a surprising way that challenges preconceptions I had.

Even in these early sessions, I have become more aware of an internal dialogue that is going on and ways to try and shift that from the negative to the positive which is already helping with avoiding procrastination, lack of focus and similar issues I struggle with."

Artist and Musician

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